What role does progesterone play?

Progesterone is a corpus luteum hormone that is involved in regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle . Its concentration increases in the second half of the cycle. Its main role is to prepare the uterus for an egg to implant. In other words, it prepares a woman to become pregnant. If fertilization fails, the hormone levels drop.

What is the risk of progesterone deficiency? Well, this condition is associated with fertility problems. In addition, hormonal dominance of estrogens may occur , and this carries a risk of health and wellness turmoil such as: weight gain, decreased sex drive, mood swings and depression, premenstrual syndrome, cycle dysregulation, heavy bleeding, endometriosis , tender breasts, the formation of fibroids , problems with the gallbladder and thyroid gland. (1) The effects can therefore be serious and require specialist consultation.


Indications for taking Duphaston

Duphaston is taken for the treatment of various conditions that depend on the effects of progesterone. The indications for taking it may be: painful periods or amenorrhea, irregular cycles, troublesome symptoms of premenstrual syndrome , abnormal vaginal bleeding, endometriosis, habitual miscarriages (we refer to them when pregnancy loss occurs three times in a row or more) , the existing risk of miscarriage or difficulty in becoming pregnant due to failure of the corpus luteum. 

The dosage of the preparation depends on the type of ailment for which it is prescribed. Do not exceed the recommended doses, as an overdose of Duphaston is a serious threat to health and life. Following the expert’s recommendations also reduces the risk of side effects.

A specialist should always decide on the dosage of the drug. On the haloDoctor.pl website, you can make an online teleconsultation with a gynecologist . The doctor will answer all your questions and implement appropriate treatment.

What side effects can Duphaston cause?

Taking Duphaston is associated with the risk of side effects, although they do not appear in all women using the preparation. Possible side effects include headache , nausea, problems with the menstrual cycle (e.g. heavy bleeding), painful breasts. In addition, mood changes, dizziness, liver dysfunction, jaundice, abdominal pain, rash and itchy skin, excessive sleepiness may occur. Anemia is a very rare complication.

Talk to your doctor about other likely side effects. Additionally, it is recommended to read the leaflet attached to the preparation. Duphaston is recommended when the benefits of taking it are greater than the possible occurrence of side effects.

Duphaston is pregnant

There are some contraindications associated with taking the drug. Duphaston is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding. During pregnancy, it may only be used with the consent of the doctor if deemed necessary.

Who shouldn’t reach for Duphaston?

Duphaston should not be used by women who are allergic to any of its ingredients, who have cancer that depends on the effect of progesterone (or is suspected to have such a tumor), and when vaginal bleeding of unknown cause occurs.

It is worth knowing that taking Duphaston (dydrogesterone) together with a preparation containing estrogens is associated with the risk of very serious side effects – if you are taking estrogens, you should definitely inform your doctor about it!

Before using Duphaston, it is important to provide the doctor with information about your health, past diseases or family predispositions, as some of them are contraindications or require an individual dose. These include depression , abnormal liver function, porphyria, cancer, a family history of thromboembolism, and other risk factors.

Hormonal problems affect many women. They can cause ailments such as mood swings, shortness of breath, poor mental state or problems with getting pregnant. In this case, proper diagnosis is important. Take advantage of the hormonal test package for women that you can do all over Poland and take care of your health today.


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Before use, read the leaflet, which contains indications, contraindications, data on side effects and dosage as well as information on the use of the medicinal product, or consult your doctor or pharmacist, as each drug used improperly is a threat to your life or health. Do you need a medical consultation or an e-prescription? Go to halodoctor.pl, where you will get online help – quickly, safely and without leaving your home.

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