Residential Foreclosure

fight residential foreclosure

fight residential foreclosure

Stop Residential Foreclosure

Serving Hampton Roads, Greater Richmond and Northern Virginia

At Fortress Proprietas, our lawyers are experienced at handling foreclosure prevention matters. Fortress will advise you on whatever options that may be available to you, including loan modification, foreclosure prevention litigation, and bankruptcy. Our attorneys personally commit themselves to helping you keep your home through a number of proven legal strategies. When it comes to foreclosure, you can’t afford to wait and hope for the best. Once the lender has given you notice of their intent to foreclose, the countdown to losing your home has begun. If you procrastinate or pursue an ineffective course of action, you will probably lose your home.

Fortress lawyers negotiate on your behalf or take mortgage lenders to court to protect your home. If your home is in jeopardy of foreclosure and you want to keep from losing it, then Fortress is ready to stand with you and provide counsel on your legal options.