Mortgage Fraud

mortgage fraud

Mortgage Fraud

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You could be behind on your mortgage payments because you were approved for a loan that you should have never been a party to in the first place. In many instances, mortgages were sold that created unwarranted fees and bonuses lenders, mortgage brokers, and appraisers but at the expenses of unsuspecting homeowners. If your case is similar to this situation, then one of our experienced lawyers can help you to hold the offending parties accountable for their conduct.

You may have a defective mortgage if your mortgage payments are more than half of your monthly income; your home is now worth much less than your loan amount; or your lender is unwilling to refinance as they promised you before you signed your current mortgage.
At Fortress Proprietas, our lawyers have the expertise to represent homeowners throughout Virginia who are the victims of fraudulent and predatory lending practices. Fortress will help you to take legal action against the responsible parties which may lead to the recovery of your financial losses or greater leverage in obtaining favorable mortgage adjustments.