Loan Modification


Loan Modification. Keep your home.

Loan Modification Attorneys

Serving Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia

Throughout Virginia, the lawyers at Fortress Proprietas are experienced in counseling and representing clients concerning loan modifications.

Far too often, a homeowner will try to obtain a loan modification without the advice or representation of legal counsel. In many instances, this approach results in the lender rejecting the loan modification application and selling the home at a foreclosure auction.
While no one can predict the decisions a lender may make in every case, Fortress has prepared and submitted loan modification applications to virtually every major lender. We understand, however, that all lenders are different. So, Fortress tailors client applications to match the process parameters unique to each lender. Utilizing this valuable experience, Fortress has represented clients with a great degree of success.
Our firm also monitors the lender’s conduct while you are applying for a loan modification to discover any actions that may have violated pertinent governmental regulations or contractual obligations contained in your mortgage.

Fortress also examines your mortgage documents for predatory lending practices, as well as mistakes in the drafting and execution of your mortgage. If such conduct or mistakes are found, there may be viable legal options available to delay or even permanently defeat the lender’s efforts to take your home.

Combining these proven strategies may help to bring additional legal pressure on your lender to grant you a favorable loan modification. Moreover, if a loan modification is granted, Fortress will counsel you on how to proper execute the modification in an effort to prevent future problems that could lead to yet another foreclosure action.
That’s why an experienced attorney can be of tremendous value because it’s important for you to learn what rights you have and then work to protect them before it becomes too late.