HAMP Program Attorneys

Serving Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was one of the first Obama Programs initiated to help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure. Applicants must typically demonstrate some kind of financial hardship to their lender in the hopes of having the terms of their mortgage modified to more manageable figures.

While HAMP was a success at incentivizing major lenders to participate, the program has been far less effective at producing favorable results for homeowners. Many homeowners have struggled through the program hoping to obtain a loan modification only to end up being denied and losing their homes anyway.

While HAMP may be the program best known to most homeowners, there are many more powerful foreclosure prevention strategies and options available. At Fortress Proprietas, our lawyers are experienced at helping homeowners to save their homes. Fortress will advise you on whatever options that may be available to you, including more effective loan modification strategies, foreclosure prevention litigation, and bankruptcy.