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From start-ups to the well-established businesses, Fortress offers a comprehensive array of legal services for businesses. Businesses are looking for sound advice tailored to their specific needs and in a way that’s economically responsive. This is precisely the Fortress philosophy in serving its business clients.Fortress has the critical versatility to be a shield as well as a sword for business clients. Fortress shields business clients by identifying potential legal pitfalls in their transactions and operations while recommending practical legal solutions to mitigate risk. Fortress can also be a sword for business clients looking to enforce their rights in contractual disputes against other parties. Contact Fortress to discuss how our lawyers can help protect your business.

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Business Law: Serving Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia

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Serving Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia

Need to negotiate your mortgage with your bank? We can help you with that. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators. Our founder, Lenard Myers has worked in financial institutions prior to working as a lawyer. Negotiating contracts is our specialty. We speak bank. Call us. We’ll help you straighten out your situation.

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