Fortress:  Simply a Better Kind of Law Firm

Fortress was conceived from its inception to be a law firm built upon Trust, Talent, Tenacity, Efficiency, and Professionalism. Our philosophy strikes the strongest, most valuable attorney/client relationship possible. Your legal issue becomes our cause for being.

“Above All Else, Be Loyal to Our Clients.” – Lenard Myers II, Fortress Lead Counsel

At Fortress, the cornerstone of our very existence is loyalty. Fortress is dedicated first and foremost to the success of our clients. No billable hour is more important than the trust of our clients.

At Fortress, we are:

Virginia Lawyers Protecting Car Buyers from Auto Fraud

Fortress uniquely-tailored to representing consumers against automobile dealers engaged in fraudulent, deceptive practices. If any of the following have happened to you, then you need you contact Fortress to assert your rights and seek monetary damages.

Auto Dealer Fraud: The dealer said anything just to get you to buy the vehicle and then you found out the hard way that it simply wasn’t true.

Frame Damage Fraud: Your vehicle has frame damage, but the dealer didn’t tell you.

Lemon Law Protections: Your vehicle caused you problems as soon as you drove it off the lot.

Virginia Lawyers Saving Homes from Foreclosure

Viable Options Besides Bankruptcy: Unlike many law firms, Fortress absolutely understands that bankruptcy is not the only way to stop your home from being sold in foreclosure. When you or your family is struggling with the bank concerning the mortgage on your home, Fortress looks first to strategies that enable you to avoid bankruptcy.

At Fortress, bankruptcy is considered a last ditch alternative, not the one-size-fits-all solution. Fortress is able to represent your interests against mortgage lenders, working out loans and restructuring them through mortgage loan modifications in a way that either enables you to stabilize the mortgage on your most valuable asset. There are other useful options such as short sales or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure arrangements. Such strategies avoid the unwanted publicity associated with bankruptcy and in most cases, more-cost effective for the client.

Fortress is a law firm that is more than capable in its ability to fight for your home in all three phases of foreclosure:

Pre-Foreclosure: What to do if you are behind in your mortgage payments and have received a Notice of Acceleration.

Foreclosure: What to do if you have received a notice from a law firm that your home is scheduled to be sold.

Post-Foreclosure: What to do if your house has been sold and now you are being evicted from your home.

So, Fight Foreclosure before it’s too late. You have rights if your home is worth much less than what you owe; you were told to stop making payments on your mortgage; your spouse passed away but you’re not on the mortgage; the lender over-inflated your income; you have a HUD loan but were not given a face-to-face meeting. These are some of examples that may allow you to stop or reverse a foreclosure.

Virginia Lawyers Protecting Businesses from Bad Contracts

Business Contracts: Whether it’s before or after you’ve signed a contract, Fortress can counsel you concerning your rights and duties.

Business Litigation: If you have a business issue that cannot be amicably resolved, Fortress is prepared to take your cause to court.

Virginia Lawyers Protecting Contractors from OSHA, VOSH, DOLI, DPOR

VOSH Compliance: Make sure your company is compliant with the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Program of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, especially concerning the latest employee misclassification and safety regulations to avoid any compliance issues concerning sub-contractors you’re hiring for your worksites.

DPOR Representation: If your company is under investigation by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, turn to Fortress to properly respond to information requests on your behalf and represent your interests at DPOR hearings. Preserving and defending your company’s ability to operate as a contractor is critical, Fortress is ready to help.

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